Contemporary ideas adopted in a practical way, using natural materials

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Peter Bradford is the director of Peter Bradford Architects. He has over 25 years’ experience in the construction industry and extensive knowledge of planning and building issues in London, the South East and in particular the Chilterns area.

Peter Bradford Architects has its HQ located at Coach House, Church Lane, near the Parish Church in the centre of Tring. It also has a satellite office in Kent.

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Peter serves on the Planning & Heritage committees of the Chiltern Society.


A passion for barns and historic buildings

Most  barns were built with an intuitive understanding of aspect and location. They were built simply, using natural materials for practical purposes.

It is this purity of vision, which Peter Bradford Architects tries to emulate in its own barn development projects. 
Historical buildings are a wonderful starting point to create an amazing space. The challenge is to incorporate contemporary ideas in a practical way, to achieve a structure which whilst has minimal impact from the outside, 
is a picture of elegance and style on the inside. Classic design which enhances your lifestyle and provides an energy efficient, light, spacious and inspiring building. 
Where possible we avoid the use of plastics for sustainability reasons, preferring more natural materials which have both longevity and style. Materials such as; steel, clay tiles, slate and beautifully marked woods such as,
Columbian pine and Douglas Fir.
Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire there are numerous barns and historic buildings and Peter Bradford Architects has developed a flair for their design, largely through an understanding and appreciation of the original artisan
builders and their practical approach.
If you have a barn or historic building project please don’t hesitate to call and we will happily show you some of the many successful historic building projects we have in our portfolio.
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